Award certificates to the best photos showing

Section Free Subject B/W or COL

Railway stations, harbors, airports, the blue hour, at sunset, at dawn, the old, a snooze, fashion, design, architecture, building interiors, technology, protests, parades, squares, churches, movement, happiness/joy, beauty, pets.


Section Paper and Cardboard Subject B/W or COL

Graphic suggestions, books, origami, games with paper, kites, newsstands, posters, the paper production process, handmade paper, art and paper, bookshops, notes, writing, reading, in the library, paper and habits, paper objects, house of cards, paper and game, paper and jobs, paper­pulp.


Section Nature Subject COL

Macro, underwater macro, underwater landscape, underwater, waves, seashore, animal portrait, animal behavior, animals in group, birds, insects, mammals, deserts, snow and ice, wetlands, plants, flowers, mountains, rivers and lakes, fire and heat, nature in the city.


Section Travel Subject COL

Anthropic landscape, urban landscape, group of people, religious events, celebrative/cultural festival, night images, life in the city, work in the countryside, people with animals, women with children, housework, group work, people and bad weather, markets, traditional costume, along the street, on boat, from the airplane, on train, in bicycle, on car.